To assist the evolving needs of our clients, Translator Associates has developed new expertise to deliver even better quality services:

Target-Market Copywriting: The only way to obtain better results than having your content translated by Translator Associates is to have our local copywriters write them for you. Our copywriters are Marketing and Communications professionals who live and work in the markets you are targeting. Based on a brief stating your requirements and written in your own language, they can develop a message that will have more impact than a straight translation which does not reflect the local culture of the target market, and by writing directly into their native language, our copywriters are better able to use the syntax, phrasing and choice of words that will deliver more bang for the buck.

Branding Strategy: Take advantage of our deep knowledge of the US and French markets for a hands-on participative brand strategy with proven results in market penetration and expansion. Our experience developing and implementing branding strategies for luxury good makers on the US and French markets with small budgets and big ROI makes Translator Associates a cost-effective alternative to an in-house or PR agency solution.

Premium Translation: Our clients rely on Translator Associates to deliver high quality translations on time, every time.

To earn our reputation, we only hire the best professional translators and have developed a network of tried-and-tested associates who are experts in their respective languages, thus guaranteeing that all translations delivered by Translator Associates meet the high quality criterion our clients demand.

Furthermore, we make sure that we always have the appropriate professional available when needed for our recurrent clients by having more than one resource with the experience of the specific domain and terminology for each language combination requested, thus insuring that if one is not available, a back-up resource can complete the project in optimal time.

Last but not least, you will always deal with the same experienced project manager who knows your requirements and will assign your projects to the best available resource every time. This process is unlike the modus operandi of high volume translation companies employing young graduates with high turn-over who can only assign projects from a computer-generated database on a first-come-first-served and lowest-cost basis.

By following those guiding principles we have developed long term relationships with our clientele and thus built core competencies in the following fields:

  • Software Localization: Most standard file formats including Apple and Android applications;
  • Documentation: user guides, instruction manuals, white papers, etc.
  • Sales and Marketing Communications: Press releases, web site content, advertisement, market research, etc.
  • Legal documents: Contracts, briefs, judgments, patents, etc.

Our references cover a wide variety of domains including the following:

  • Apple Applications: Fotopedia
  • Networking Software: Quest Software
  • Human Resource Management Software: HR Access
  • Digital Imaging Software: DxO software
  • Media & Communications: Kantar Media (formerly TNS Group); Xerfi (Economic Research); Ultra-Fluide (Real-Estate PR)
  • Consumer Products: Thane International (Infomercial Retailing), Pepsico (Tropicana), Sophie Hallette (Luxury goods)



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